Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pic(s) of the Day: Tug of War!

Tug of War
(All photos clickable)

Pulling down a hot air balloon after it landed in Creamer's Field, a migratory bird refuge in the middle of Fairbanks (I'll have more to say about Creamer's Field another time). This was just after sunset, and action shot + low light = motion blur. What do you want me to do about it, set up a few flashes and ask him to do it again?

I spotted the balloon from the road and followed it for a bit, hoping to get a great shot of it with the mountains in the background. I managed to get zero good shots of it in the air. Here's a couple other pics after it landed:

Balloon at Creamer's Field

Balloon Inside the Balloon

Mosquitoes hunt by sensing heat (among other things), and the hot body of the balloon attracted a swarm. After the balloon was taken down, they spread out over the small crowd of people. This poorly-focused shot (remember to use AF-assist light in these situations!) shows some of the swarm around Patrick:

Mosquito Swarm

Oh yeah, Patrick. He's another physics grad student, he's been here for a few years. The curious thing was that, in spite of only knowing about 15 people in Fairbanks, one of them just happened to be on the balloon.

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