Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Alaska Range

(all photos clickable)

I mentioned previously the views of the Alaska Range from Fairbanks, but I don't think I've put any pictures up yet. So that's Denali, as viewed from Fairbanks. It's ~150 miles to the southwest. My friend Lee pointed out something I've never realized - measured in vertical relief, which is the height from ground level to the top of the mountain, Denali is the tallest mountain on Earth. Its summit is only ~20,000 feet above sea level (compared to Everest's ~29,000 ft), but the surrounding landscape is only ~3,000 ft above sea level (Everest - ~17,000). So Denali's vertical relief is ~17,000 ft (Everest - ~12,000 ft). This means, standing at the bottom and looking up, Denali towers an additional 5,000 feet (almost a mile!) above your head when compared to Everest. Neat!

Denali, of course, isn't the only mountain in the Alaska Range. These other two photos were taken from the steps in front of the main entrance to my building at school, and show the Alaska Range to the south:

Panorama of the Alaska Range

Alaska Range

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