Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catching up: Summer photos

Salmon Glacier

Here's a quick collection of the best pictures I took on the road between Arkansas and Alaska.

Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado:

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Black Canyon National Park, also Colorado:

Sunset at Black Canyon

Alpine wildflowers at Great Basin National Park, Nevada:


Moonrise, Lassen Volcanic National Park:

The Moon

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon:

Panorama: Crater Lake

I've tried to visit this lake multiple times in the past, and have been foiled every time (with one moderately successful visit in May under difficult light, see a few posts back), so I'm glad to finally get it right:

Panorama: Crater Lake

And here's a hugely large panorama I made which got a metric crapload of views when I posted it to Flickr (over 30,000 views the first day!). Apparently people really like being able to zoom in to individual trees several miles away...

Huge Panorama: Crater Lake

A hopping squirrel in the Hoh region of Olympic National Park, Washington:


Diablo Lake at North Cascades National Park, Washington:

North Cascades

Horses in Marble Canyon, British Colombia:

Canadian horses

Salmon Glacier, in British Colombia, but you have to loop through Hyder, Alaska to get there:

Panorama: Salmon Glacier

I tried to visit here in May but the road was still too damaged from the winter:

Salmon Glacier

And finally, the Alaska Range over the Tanana River. Home!:

Panorama: Tanana River and Alaska Range