Tuesday, August 9, 2011

International Year of Forests

Sharp-shinned Hawk: Giving me the stink eye
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The Sharp-Shinned Hawk (Accipiter striatus) is a small hawk that lives in deciduous forests over most of North America. It is quick and manuverable, zipping through the trees after smaller birds, sometimes grabbing them right off their perches.

I spotted this juvenile during a brief break on a rainy day. I've seen 'sharpies' in the area before, but always brief, distant glimpses while flying. Today, when the rain let up for a little bit, I could hear at least three of them calling nearby. I grabbed the camera and followed the noises, and found two.

Sharp-shinned Hawk: Watching

Edit: Clouds went away, nice light, one of the hawks moved into a better viewing position :)

Sharpie Hawk squawk
Hawk profile Sharp-shinned Hawk

I think there is a nest back there, which would explain why all the small birds have been so wary of the bird feeder lately. The hawks could have been snatching them right off the feeder. Anyway, these are juveniles, and I think it's the fledging time of year for them.