Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Montana and Glacier


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After Yellowstone I drove north through western Montana, which is really quite pretty, much to my surprise. This place is called 'Gates of the Mountains', and I'm sure it's pretty neat if you have a boat so you can explore through the gates upstream:

Gates of the Mountains

More Montana driving:

Montana Montana

Montana Horses

It was mostly these treeless, windswept plains, until I got to the town of East Glacier, just outside Glacier National Park. It literally changed into a dense taiga forest within a few miles.

I had to grab a shot of this sign in East Glacier:

Big spoon

I went through Glacier on the 'Going to the Sun' road, which is supposed to be one of the best drives in North America. Here's some kind of rodent (chipmunk?) I spotted at one of my stops:


The east side of the park was spotty overcast, making pictures of the mountain scenery difficult (dull grey clouds make a poor background). I stopped and shot a few waterfalls, though it was hard trying to find angles that didn't have much sky in them:

Falls Falls Falls

One I got over the pass and to the west side, the sky cleared out a bit and conditions were perfect:

Glacier Glacier

Glacier Glacier

The road descends into a very dense forested area:

Glacier forest

I wanted to get out and explore but all the parking lots were full. Maybe I should have taken one of the park buses:

Glacier bus

After coming out of West Glacier I continued north:


To be continued!

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