Friday, August 2, 2013

Sprites 2013: Update #3


We flew again last night, the route shown above. More trouble with high cirrus clouds on the south and east sides of the storm, but eventually we came into clear air on the north side and were able to record 13 sprites in the high speed cameras. Fiddling about in the clouds for a couple of hours seems to be par for the course for this campaign. We used another 6 hours of flight time, leaving us around 18 more hours in the campaign. We're currently sitting at NCAR RAF and waiting to see how the weather will be tonight before making a decision to fly again: There currently isn't a lot of storm or electrical activity out there, much less the large positive charge-moment-changes we want to see, but the CAPE indicates huge instability out over the middle of Kansas, so we're hoping something will pop up.

I drove up through some of the canyons in the mountains today: It's really quite nice up there away from all the traffic and subdivisions. Because I have nothing else to add, here's a barn I saw today:

That's a fine lookin' barn you got there.

Update: As hoped for, a storm has formed in the middle of Kansas. It's very cold in the IR satellite imagery and the cirrus clouds are pretty confined this time. Pretty much exactly what we're looking for. Planning to take off at 10:30.

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