Thursday, September 27, 2012

Haven't been here in a while...

I last updated this blog in June... Well, since then, I've been on the road for around a month, then after returning to Fairbanks I kept myself away from here in an attempt to drive myself to study for my comprehensive exams out of sheer boredom if nothing else. The comps were at the end of August (I passed!), and so I have no excuse for not blogging in September other than the inertia of not blogging for July and August. Maybe now I can break that inertia and get back into a regular schedule. To start with, here are a couple of photography related updates:

Woodpecker tongue

This image of mine is going to be (may already be?) displayed in the Hall of Birds at Chicago's Field Museum. Very cool, this is a high class museum!

Denali Sunset from the south side

This one is being sold in poster format at a small business just outside the Denali National Park entrance. The place is already closed for the season, but springtime I'm going to have to stop by and get one.

(Side note: I should have done a 16x9 crop on that one...)

And I also got a couple of new cameras to play with:

This is my first ever film camera, a 4x5 view camera (Burke and James Speed Press), purchased with the license fee I got for the above posters. I've already shot about 20 pieces of black and white film, mostly at the Chatanika dredge and Denali, and I've learned to develop them. The negatives look awesome, but my scanner is crap so I can't digitize them just yet. Soon...

Also, a GoPro. My D5000 died this summer so I wanted a new daylight timelapse camera, plus this allows me to put it in 'dangerous' situations where it's likely to get wet, or dropped. I've already filmed a sequence of driving the Dalton Highway up past the Arctic Circle to Coldfoot, and another of driving the entire 92 mile Denali Park Road (a friend won the road lottery this year), I just have to process them and get them online.

Speaking of timelapses that are filmed but I need to put computer time into, I filmed the entire drive from Arkansas to Alaska... It took almost two weeks via backroads, and I have 25 minutes of video (45,000 pictures!). The whole drive, continuous... I'll have to edit it down to something manageable (maybe 5 minute length?), but it's coming.

Also, I've had two cameras in the windows of my cabin taking a picture every day at noon for a year now. One of these day's I'll put that together to watch a year pass by.

I have more to post, highlight pictures from the drive north, and some from around Alaska since I've been back, but I'll save that for another time.

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