Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random space-related stuff

From out in the tubes.

1. A stereographic image of the Sun:

Click for larger.

Put on your red/cyan glasses and check it out. Don't have red/cyan glasses? You can get a free pair here, and you should probably go ahead and do that, because there's lots of neat stereoscopic stuff on the web, and I'm going to try making my own at some point, so it'll come up here again.

2. A time lapse filmed from the space station:

The smooth, ruddy green glow over the horizon is airglow, which is light emitted due to chemistry in the atmosphere. This is different from auroras, and happens all over the world, but is usually too dim to see with the eye. After about 1:20 there's auroras in the shot too, and the difference is obvious. There are pulsating patches directly below at 1:44.

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