Monday, November 21, 2011

The Fox Spring

I, like many interior residents, do not have running water at my cabin. That means every drop of water I use, I have to go get somewhere and carry it back to my place in a big jug. There are several places to get water, but my favorite is the Fox spring. Located in the town of Fox (pop. 350), there are some pipes bringing water from a natural spring to an accessible spot. I think it tastes better than the water you get in Fairbanks, and it's free, and it's so much more fun to go to Fox.

Fox spring hut

There is a three-sided hut built around the pipe outlet, with a light. Over the course of a winter, a lot of ice builds up from steaming and breathing and sloshing. The build up is in the form of fragile crystals on the ceiling and thick layers on the floor.

Fox hut ceiling

There are two pipe outlets, and once your jug is in place, you press and hold the button until it's full.

The button

This is the button you push to make the water come out. Don't try it without gloves. I once lost a quarter-sized chunk of leather off a mitten when I tried to let go.

Incidentally, I lost the feeling in several of my fingers while taking the pictures for this post.

Ain't Alaska neat!


  1. I can't imagine living somewhere that cold and not having the ability to take a hot shower at home.

  2. It's not such a big deal. I take my hot showers at school.