Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alaska Highway: Eagle* Encounter

Rough legged hawk
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The Alaska section of the Alaska Highway runs through a taiga sea of green, rolling waves:


It's dotted with numerous small, marshy ponds, which is prime hunting territory for several types of raptors. I noticed a juvenile bald eagle hunting one near the road, and pulled over to watch. The bird took interest in me and came over to circle right above the car a few times to get a good look, which works both ways, giving me a great opportunity to shoot this bird in the air:

Rough legged hawk

Rough legged hawk

Unrelated - There was a phone booth sitting on the side of the road, with no other buildings anywhere in sight.

Lost in Alaska

*edit: I thought this was a rough-legged hawk when I posted this, and have corrected it.

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